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My review of the D.E.S. Pulsar Screen. WOW!

My review of the D.E.S. Pulsar Screen. WOW!

Let me give you a quick list of screens I've owned before I get on to this review.

Silver Ticket alr material Stewart Firehawk DNP Blade .08 DNP Supernova 2.3 Screen Innovations Black Diamond .08 Screen Innovations Black Diamond 1.4 Elite Screens Cinegrey 5D Elite Prime Vision Darkstar 1.4 Draper React Seymour Matinee Black Screen Innovations Slate

I can say by far and away this is hands-down the best ambient light rejecting material I have ever owned. It rejects off axis light like I've never seen before. Even the lights in the back of the room on the left and right side of the projector have little effect on the screen.

Image fidelity is very good with no visual graininess or sparkles on the screen. Off-axis viewing is very good with no visual drop in brightness when walking from left to right of the screen from sharp angles. This screen totally and utterly crushes the Sceen Innovations Black Diamond. There is no doubt about that.

It crushes the Black Diamond when it comes to image fidelity, color accuracy, off-axis viewing with a gradual drop in brightness, and no graininess or sparkle to the screen.

The only slight con I can see for some people with the screen is there is a slight bias towards blue which can easily be calibrated out. It does not bother me at all because I prefer a cooler image. My eyes will detect any over-saturation with red which looks like rosacea face to me.

The Pulsar material is superb. I'm sure the .9 gain is also great but I highly recommend the Pulsar. It's brighter than the Black Diamond 1.4 and it retains blacks levels excellently.

I was on the verge of giving up front projection all together but this screen has rekindled my passion for home theater. This is the culmination of my screen journey and it's been well worth it to get me here.