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Need A Screen, Buy Dark Energy Abyss!

92" Fixed DEA Screen I've been having for almost a week now and I must say this is one of the best screens available. This screen brings everything together. Did I mention that I have this bad boy hooked up in my family room being that I don't have a media room. The DEA handle the ambient light with no problem. My room have a very large wide window and a smaller window with two lights and there is virtually no wash out. Pictures and videos does no justice. This screen is very close to or I would say better than the Black Diamond which cost double. The custom service led by Stephen the owner is hands down A1 service. Stephen answers the phone personally and I most say that was very comforting being that I was going to try a new sreen company for as I know. Stephen guided me through my how projector/screen purchase. It was like going to the store without making a trip. Save your self some time, BEST SCREEN, BEST PRICE. PERIOD Pics Below will explain it all