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Dark Energy 110" Screen

So I am pulling the trigger on the Dark Energy Abyss 110" screen after working with Stephen. Picture of my space below. I will be using a 5040ub that will be ceiling mounted about 12ft from the screen. Originally I wanted to go with a 120" but after talking with Stephen he recommended that a 110" would be a better choice based on this throw distance. I can't wait to get it and will update the thread when I receive and install it! This is my first projection set up so I'm stoked to get it all set up!

Sorry for the late update! I have received my screen and got it mounted last weekend. While assembly was not easy, it was well worth it. The screen along with the 5040ub looks amazing. It's crazy how much a difference the screen makes in a lighted room. I can have every light on in the basement now, even the 4 recessed lights right above the screen, and the image still looks perfect. I'm very happy with the screen so far and the customer service from Stephen was top notch. This guy must never sleep, he responds to emails within minutes regardless of the time of day. I had an issue stretching the screen and broke one of the tension rods. I hit up Stephen and without question he got the new rods sent out to my door in just a few days, couldn't ask for better service on the entire process. He also gave tips on how to get the screen stretched without breaking another rod. Anybody doing this install, make sure you have a heat gun, you will not get by without one. I don't have pictures of it all complete yet as my projector developed a red tint on the top corner so its going back to Epson for a replacement.

Please disregard the mess in the pictures!!

Before screen with lights on. I know this is just shot on the wall but night and day difference with no settings changed.

After screen with lights on. I will get better pictures once I get my projector back!

Again full light! Like