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Dark Energy Screens review

Hey all, I felt compelled to give my thoughts about my newly acquired pulsar 1.4 screen from DES. A little background first--I am brand new to the projector/screen world so I can't really give you a technical review of this screen. I have nothing to compare it against, so take my words for what their worth. I recently just finished my basement in and it is a pretty large space. I did not want to create a dedicated theater room, more of an all purpose family room that will be used for watching sports, movies, TV etc. After tons of research and speaking with Stephen at DES, I decided on the pulsar 1.4 120" in solid surface. Stephen was easy to work with, and ordering was a snap. I placed my order and began the wait. Fortunately, I timed the completion of the basement and delivery of the screen about right. I received the call from the freight company that the screen had arrived so I went with a trailer to pick it up that afternoon. Much to my dismay, when I arrived I was told the box had some exterior damage and I was asked to inspect it before taking delivery. There were some rips in the middle of this monstrous box, but it didn't appear to have penetrated enough to cause damage, so I took the screen home. I unboxed it that evening, and my heart sunk. There was a palm-sized dent in the middle of the screen, with about a quarter sized spot in that dent that was sharply indented. I took lots of pictures of the unboxing, and also pictures of the box at the warehouse and pictures of the damage itself. I immediately put all of this in an email and sent it off to Stephen that night. The next day I was worrying myself to death about this screen and what I was going to do. I called DES a couple times but couldn't reach anyone. I remembered in one of the emails from Stephen that he gave me his personal cell number and said to call or text him at any time with questions-so I sent him a text. He responded later that day, telling me he had taken the day off because he had the flu. His response was short, and sweet: "don't worry about the screen, we will get you another one made and sent out as soon as possible". Man, what a relief it was to read that text. He even told me how I could try to pound out the dent in the damaged screen if I wanted and use it in the meantime. So I did just that. I did the best I could, and was able to get most of the dent out, but of course due to the size of it, it was still very visible. I hung the screen, fired up the projector, and put on the first thing I could pull up on my AppleTV. I don't even remember what it was, but remember being blow away with the picture instantly, with 75% of the lights on in the basement! Again, I am no where near qualified to give a review on the quality of the screen, but from my perspective, the picture is amazing, lights on or off in the room. I'm using an epson 3700 and have it mounted about 17-18 feet away from the screen. I haven't watched anything but streamed content from AppleTv or Firestick, but I have been thrilled with the quality. 5 or so weeks go by and I get a phone call from the freight facility that I have a package arriving and we set up delivery, This time the screen arrived in pristine condition! I swapped them out and have been extremely pleased since. I felt that I needed to give this review to commend Stephen and DES on stellar customer service. If I can help convince one person that they should do business with him, maybe that will repay him for the excellent way he handled this situation. Great customer service is hard to come by these days, but this company has it. They also make a killer product, and I have no regrets going with this screen, or "the biggest TV I have ever seen" as one of my guests put it.