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Dark Energy Abyss Screen Review

If you dont care about the actual review, and just want to see the screen in action, here are 2 albums of pictures.

All Shots are with a Epson 5030ub from about 14' Throw Distance. <~ Crappy Iphone Pics, but my DSLR was being borrowed by a friend and I am impatient. <~ This is the rigid material, most pictures are windows/doors open. Full review of Rigid Material screen here:

If you dont want to read the entire review Ill try to sum it up:

Screen performs better than its competition Screen sells for around 20-40% of its competitors price (while performing better) The people behind the product are a blessing to deal with, and will do whatever it takes to make sure you are satisfied You will not believe the image this thing is capable of in a non light controlled setting. While my Rigid Screen had rippling issues due to the zip ties mounting system... the Flex Material with the support rods fixed that COMPLETELY

I am a bit of a hometheater enthusiast, but really I am just a film enthusiast, and having a dedicated theater room in my house, allows me to enjoy films how IMO they deserve to be enjoyed... on a big screen, with a full surround system, and a floor shaking bass that completely immerses you in the film.

I had a dedicated Theater room in my previous house, (a bedroom converted into a theater for 2-4 people max). But recently I moved, due to a great deal on a house coming up. The only downside was I was going to be losing my dedicated 100% light controlled Theater.

I had been spoiled by my 100" screen and 5.1 system for too long though, so I knew I was going to be doing my best to create a movie worthy environment in my Living Room. And I mean completely replacing my 65" LED tv in the living room, not a dual screen setup (which I considered originally, but ultimately decided against for a list of reasons related to the construction of my new house)

Originally I planned on keeping my old setup, and just have aggressive window shades, as well as a hidden curtain that I could pull across the other side of the room, in order to completely block out any/all ambient light. It wouldnt be perfect, but it would give me plenty of light control.

But I struggled to come up with a design that would both function well, and look appealing int he room when it was in use, or whether it was bundled up in the corner of the room. Then I started looking into ALR screens, as even making nice curtains, and making them look good, wasnt exactly going to be too cheap, so I figured I would look into ALR Screens/Material.

ALR screens, are screens designed to be used in rooms that do not have ideal lighting conditions or lighting control. I had heard of other ALR screens, but I had also heard of the prices. (A Black Diamond, which is probably the most well-known of the ALR screens, sells for 3-5000 depending on who you purchase it from, and how much they are willing to take off to make a sale. And almost all of the major ALR screens sell for this price range.)

But then I stumbled upon a new screen on the AVS forums: the Dark Energy Abyss screens. These screens were testing better than Black Diamond and other leading ALR screens... and were selling for 20% of the price of the competition.... 20%!! And when we are talking saving 80% of 5grande... its not a small chunk of change.

When I saw some demo videos of this screen, I simply thought the sort of image they were producing in bright, well lit rooms was not possible. I thought it had to be some sort of trick with the lighting, or with the camera. But after talking with several people who had purchased the screens, everyone seemed absolutely amazed with the product... so I had to check it out.

I talked to Stephen at Dark Energy Screens, and I ordered a 106" fixed frame, as it was the largest possible screen that would fit in my designated space.

After a couple weeks I received my screen! I spent roughly 90 minutes unpacking it, assembling the frame, and attaching the screen to the frame, all by myself. I had help to hang it on the wall, but even that only took 5 minutes, with a little bit of help from a friend. (i mean hanging 106" screen solo is pretty difficult to be fair).

And honestly... the screen has BLOWN AWAY any/everyone who has seen it so far.

The guy who helped me hang it... simply couldnt believe he wasnt watching a 106" LED TV. He told me "If I didnt help you hang it... i would swear it was a big tv..."

I have since had 6-7 people over to check out just clips from movies... every single person COULD NOT BELIEVE the image quality this thing is capable of producing, in a well lit room, with the windows and door open, in the middle of the day. (the door/window are literally within 4 feet of the screen, on the adjacent wall.)

Honestly, this screen is a game changer when it comes to non-dedicated theater rooms and projectors. I tried to get some pictures that would do it justice, but honestly this is a screen you NEED to see in person, to believe it.

Here is a link to the pictures, I honestly could ramble on and on about this screen for days... but instead Ill let the screen speak for itself. All of these pictures were taken, in the middle of the day, with the front door, all windows open, and with lights on in the rooms adjacent to the living room.

I am shooting an Epson 5030ub from roughly 14' away. Again, in the middle of the day, with all doors/windows open, and lights on in all adjacent rooms.

My ONLY complaint with this screen, was that I managed to create ripples in the screen, due to the lackluster mounting system they were employing at the time of my purchase of the screen. (this will only apply to Pre-built frames with the Rigid Material)

What happened was, due to the mounting system included, I managed to create ripples in the Rigid Material screen. Most people I had over to watch something wouldnt even notice the ripples until I pointed them out, and even then I could only point them out on scenes that had a consistent color across the length of the screen to be able to show them. But I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to movie watching... so it was really a bummer, because i LOVED how the screen performed, i just needed to get rid of those damn ripples.

I am not 100% sure HOW it happened, but I feel like it might be from over-tensioning the more rigid material.

This is where the review really starts though, because I got in contact with Stephen at Dark Energy Screens, and told him I loved the screen, but had issues with my screen rippling, and that I felt the mounting system was partially to blame, as well as my own fault, for overtightening it. We tried troubleshooting the problem for about a week, we tried out a couple tricks, to see if we could eliminate those damn ripples, but I just could not seem to get rid of them.


He sent me out the same screen, in a FLEX material, along with some rods, so that I could attach the Flex Material, to the frame included with my previous order. (FOR FREE!)

I honestly, cannot even describe the way this screen performs. The picture this screen is capable of, in not only a non-light controlled, but even in a bright room... is truly impressive.

Stephen at Dark Energy Screens was amazing to deal with, and was responsive and very helpful all the way from Ordering, to installation, to troubleshooting, to discussing my issues with the current mounting system they were employing, to ensuring my satisfaction with the product and the end-result. I would email this guy at 11 at night from the West Coast, and he is based in East Coast and was still responding within 10 minutes.

If you are going to order from them, I will recommend to go with the Flex Material, but I would talk to him about getting the Flex Material, with the pre-built frame, with the Rods for mounting (an infinitely better solution than the zip ties)

It honestly solved EVERY issue I had with this screen (the Rigid Material screen)

I bought this screen, for around $800. ... Thats LESS than 20% of what most companies, producing (imo) a lesser quality screen are charging. Most ALR screens, companies are selling for $3-5000, and after comparing, not only is this screen cheaper, but it performs better too!

Check them out!

Anyways, I cannot say enough good things about this screen, or the people behind them