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Dark Energy Abyss Review 2017

All images are being projected with an Epson Home Cinema 1440 projector. It is a light canon.

I purchased the 100” Infinity Edge Fixed Frame.

This review is long overdue. I am extremely happy with the quality of this screen. This screen outperforms and exceeds my expectations. This is my first ALR screen. Stephen listened to my home theatre needs and explained to me how the DEA screens would help me achieve my goal to a perfect setup in my uncontrollable light living room. He provides extremely good customer service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. I was skeptical in purchasing the Dark Energy Abyss. I am glad I purchased the screen. It is the best purchase I have done by far for my living room home theatre. The assembly took a little long but that is because I wanted to take my time to make sure the screen was built correctly the first time. I can say that honestly when people come over to the house they think it is an LED HDTV screen. The projector is not 4k but the quality of the picture on this screen is amazing and close to looking like a 4k image. In the day, I can have all my windows open 2 of which are located on the right side of the projector and Dark Energy Abyss screen. And another window in the kitchen to the left of my setup. I also have the light on in the living room and the screen still looks amazing. The colors do not look washed out. The dark scenes in the movies look great. I used to need to close the blinds and turn off the lights to enjoy movies such as Batman The Dark Knight. With all the light’s off and blinds closed the image on the Dark Energy Abyss are even more amazing. Keep in mind I have a light canon for a projector and having this screen has changed my movie and sports viewing time from enjoyable to an extremely fascinating viewing time. I have attached pictures and a couple of videos so you can see the quality of the Dark Energy Abyss. The picture and videos speak for them self’s. Thanks Stephen for the great customer service and time you spent on the phone walking me though the set-up process. I will be purchasing another Dark Energy Abyss ALR Screen soon.