• Dark Energy Screens

Dark Energy 110" Thin Bezel Installed

I've built a few full theatres in my previous homes, but this was a new challenge to put a large screen in a large white room with many side windows. It's not an ideal theatre - but it's pretty damn impressive now!

The short - I went from a 110" white screen to the Abyss and I am AMAZED. It's like having a great huge LCD with amazing blacks. Daytime viewing is OK but nighttime viewing is just incredible.

ALR is where it's at and these guys have made a GREAT screen with incredible value.

Photos taken with lights at 70% and lights at 30% - 26 overhead pot lights in this room.


Sony VPL-HW45ES projector at 15ft - ceiling mounted to top of screen height. Bright enough in the day, AMAZING in the evening even with lights on,