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Abyss .9 Lamination

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

So I posted on reddit a while back but id like to post here with updates.

I've been going back and forth with dark energy from months with questions and their support was amazing. The screen quality is unbelievable, people that come over (especially from having seen my previous screens and having a "meh" response) where floored. We LOVE watching and this being our main viewing device in a mostly light filled room I cant stress enough how wonderful of a picture this is.

Here is my original reddit review and link to pictures (which im happy to update with anything requested)

I will say right now it's phenomenal ALR without any screen door effect. It looks like a high quality LCD TV no heat spots an impressive grid that moves light. Its incredible difference between dark energy abyss screens and silver ticket and elite screen I've now had white, grey and ALR silver ticket and the elite screens ALR and now dark energy abyss all 120" I finally found a winner without compromise for my viewing scenario ( projector is main viewing device in open living room with light colored paint and a off-white ceiling , basically every enthusiasts worst nightmare lol

So the ALR from both ST and Elite both had a really bad "Screen door effect" the texture of the screen would get in the way of the picture quality. I noticed it, other people noticed it. was like looking through something to see the image... The Dark Energy screen made such a difference, daytime viewing is no longer squinting to make out whats on the screen and zero textured surface has eliminated that. Ive seen super expensive screens and this holds up to that and then some in my opinion.

I have a LG 4k in my bedroom and my epson is an older 3010e 1080p and gods honest truth most media looks extremely close to the quality of the LCD panel. I love the screen and the my hunt for "the perfect screen" is over i found it. I highly suggest it and im happy to answer any and all questions or requests.

Ive updated with a few more recent pictures attached below and on a imgur link here: Original post newer photos

If anyone wants more info they updated their site check out For more info

I wasn't paid or endorsed in anyway for this review I'm super passionate about getting the best picture and going through enough screens to cover a new projector has been painful lol. The more you know !

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